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About Us

Golden Motor Technology Co Ltd is emerging as one stop shop for key components of personal electric vehicles(PEV), from electric bikes to electric cars. You can always find suitable solutions, parts for your EV applications from us. With our strong RD team, established dealer networks over 60 countries, we are confident to provide our valuable customers with top quality products and services at competitive cost. 

Golden Motor is now well positioned as a solution provider of electric bikes, power wheelchairs, electric motorcycles, electric boats and electric car drive kits, matched controllers and accessories. By using current available materials and latest technology, our products provide high performance, feature rich and inexpensive solutions for personal electric transportation products and industrial applications. 


GoldenMotor is the true leader in this personal electric transportaion industry since as early as year 2000.

GoldenMotor offers a full range of products, including motors, controllers and battery packs. We also supply parts and accessories, as well as compatible replacement parts. Customers can buy complete electric bikes,power wheelchairs, highend battery packs, electric Motorcycle motors, electric Car motors, as well as their compatible controllers. With all this said, you need not look elsewhere trying to find a compatible part or accessory.



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